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Rely on the expertise of Karma Communication Santé Beauté to create your personalized website and digital content!

Karma Medical & Beauty, a digital and web agency specializing in the medical and beauty sector, designs and digitalizes your healthcare services. We support aesthetic physicians, pharmaceutical laboratories and healthcare professionals in the creation of websites and the development of online medical training courses. Our agency, Karma Medical Beauty, offers a personalized digital strategy and produces all audiovisual content: injection techniques (botox, hyaluronic acid), anatomical masterclasses, dermo-cosmetic product films, live streaming, web and mobile platforms.

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Karma Medical & Aesthetichas confirmed its expertise by winning two awards, one from the pharmaceutical industry and the other from industry professionals.

Our dedicated, ultra-customized TV platform solution to medical education
Our 360° communication group aims to be a playground for the talents who join us. With a focus on innovative ideas in medical education, and after winning 2 Empreinte GOLD and Stratégie BRONZE awards, we’re expanding our range of creative and digital solutions with ultra-customized TV platform concepts dedicated to medical education, training for medico-market teams, or the general public. On your behalf, we develop platforms that are accessible worldwide in multiple languages, with their applications available on all stores.
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Train wherever you are, whenever you want !

All masterclasses available with just one click on your TV, mobile phone or computer! The masterclass finally at your fingertips, in your own home!
An ultra-performing tool for comprehensive training on all subjects you wish.
An original concept that allows you to read series in seasons and episodes, to ensure a complete training in masterclass format. Replay available à la carte, and content created exclusively for you.
We create your dedicated streaming platform for the training of doctors and surgeons, healthcare professionals, marketing teams, patients, and the general public. Hierarchized into masterclass categories, you access specialized medical content in the form of seasons, series, and episodes according to your profile. You can also access live streaming and participatory content on the platform.
As for the general public, we accompany you in concepts of shows, talk shows, question boxes… that will seduce your targets and convince your audience about your products or the environment.

The training of the doctor, a legal  obligation

Every doctor maintains and improves their knowledge in accordance with their obligation of continuous professional development.

Our platform concept was born from a growing need related to the continuing education of doctors. Whatever their specialty, doctors have an obligation to continuously undergo training throughout their career. This obligation concerns all doctors registered with the Order of Doctors. Our platforms play a major role in continuing education. Doctors can log in to a personalized platform with your image and identity. The development of continuing professional training is growing strongly in the field of aesthetic medicine. Indeed, the democratization of aesthetic medicine encourages patients to seek information and look for a qualified aesthetic specialist.
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Build loyalty with your audience and improve your reputation.

Establish your brand as the preferred partner of doctors, unite and retain doctors through a unique medical education program that meets the growing needs and demands for training on safety and new injection techniques, and gain recognition in an international target audience. Associate the notoriety of KOL experts with your communication.

A platform
100% customizable

We take care of web design and development
a platform fully customized to your corporate identity.

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Need help creating content?

The Karma agency more than ever demonstrates its ability to innovate through the A to Z production of the streaming platform, particularly the creation of all your audiovisual content.
We can design, manufacture, film, and produce training videos with our dedicated and highly specialized teams to make your training topics more attractive, touch the hearts of your targets, demonstrate expertise, cultivate the art of best practices, and make the know-how and best practices of aesthetic medicine accessible to practitioners worldwide.
The culmination of hours of meticulous preparation, brainstorming with key KOLs to identify the most relevant and urgent topics, the production of carefully crafted content for a specific purpose. The creation of original series, jingles, logos, show scripts, subtitles… Technical and media support for communication experts during their presentations and debates. From the concepts of broadcasting, content creation, set design, media coaching, filming, sound recording, to post-production, technical skills that work together to make medical expertise more accessible.

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Our services

Original thinking and writing of series concepts

Shooting / Editing of series and episodes

Creation of promotional print materials

Digital campaign on social networks

Advertising campaign on international aesthetic medical congresses (AMWC / IMCAS)

Management of the accessibility of the streaming platform

Our platform is accessible from any type of device.
Access our platform on your computer, smartphone, tablet or connected TV.

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