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Make beauty the highlight of your event

Your brand is an experience for every consumer. The environment she creates and the codes she sends are immersive experiences for your audiences. To enhance this experience, Karma Communication Health Beauty offers you a range of event actions. The goal? Build customer loyalty in the beauty industry, attract potential customers, create buzz for the launch of your cosmetic product, make your professional events rich in content and themes.
Cosmetic and cosmeceutical brands, laboratories, aesthetic clinics, wellness centers… Let yourself be carried away by the expertise of a specialized health and beauty communication agency that will take care of your events from A to Z. Thanks to a network of experts and providers woven for over 15 years, your private parties, congresses, product launches, seminars will benefit from a strong and differentiated concept that will leave a lasting impression.
Evénementiel médical esthétique

Conventions & Symposia

Health-Beauty Sector

Congresses, conventions, and seminars in the beauty and healthcare sector match the prestige of each brand. Although professionals, they require a special immersion in order to enrich and convert all stakeholders of the product or know-how in question. Beyond the main objective (presentation of a new plastic surgery technique, a new thread lift, demonstrations of the effects of hyaluronic acid, launch of a new device, presentation of a range of cosmetic products…), it is the concept and universe created by your brand that will make the difference throughout the visitor’s journey.
From the design of your booth to the preparation of your public interventions (Ted Talk presentations, PowerPoint…), including the creation of your promotional tools (invitations, banners, films, advertising items…), Karma Communication Health Beauty takes care of your project in its entirety, whether it is in France or internationally.

Stand alone

Event to promote doctors’ speaking out.

Discover our Stand Alone services, a tailor-made solution for doctors and professionals working in the health and beauty sector. We offer elegant, functional stand-alone installations designed to maximize your visibility and reinforce your message at conferences, symposia and professional events. Our stands are customized to your specific needs, equipped with the latest technology to capture your audience’s interest and facilitate interaction. By combining innovative design and quality materials, we help you create a space that not only attracts attention, but is also a powerful communication tool, allowing you to showcase your expertise and services in a professional and memorable way.

Recommendations for short and long formats

Fast&Curious, Ted Talk, Pleniere inspirationnelle, Speed Learning, Pep Talk, …

To enhance your expertise, give strength and credibility to your brand image, boost the morale of your teams and the attractiveness of your firm or clinic, you must be able to adopt short formats that meet the expectations and needs of the public. Whether it’s corporate videos in the interview format ‘fast and curious’, which feature a person on camera answering questions, longer formats similar to Ted Talks, more suitable for plenary meetings, or hybrid pep talks more focused on speed learning, these entertaining and authentic contents are also highly effective on social networks.
The teams of the communication agency Karma Santé Beauté put all their expertise at the service of your content and their dissemination. Our expertise in design, writing, production, editing, and strategic publishing gives your message an unprecedented echo and visibility that enriches your brand discourse as well as your personal branding. Whether you’re motivating your teams or promoting yourself at an aesthetic medicine conference or a health and beauty event, these qualitative speaking tools make all the difference.

Product launch

Aesthetic medical sector

A product launch marks an important starting point for the life, notoriety, and reputation of the product. It is an event to be marked with a white stone for many brands and its success defines the popularity of the product. Today, the trend is towards concepts and experiences. Lunches in the grass in the presence of influencers for a natural dietary supplement brand, makeup workshops for makeup brands, futuristic and ultra-technological immersion for innovative cosmetics, aesthetic medicine workshops for plastic surgery clinics and cosmeceutical laboratories.
Karma Communication Health Beauty offers you product launches and symposiums that are always more innovative and tailored to your industry.

Organisation and running of scientific boards

Aesthetic medical sector

Accompanying beauty experts in defining their messages, Karma Communication Health Beauty has made it its main asset. Thanks to the animation of scientific boards, accompanied by our specialized editors, we define with you the scope of your interventions according to your objectives.
Our teams work closely with healthcare and beauty professionals. We know how to put our expertise to best use to meet your needs for scientific board presentations, from the technical aspects of the products to the creation of appropriate media (Power Point, abstracts, presentations, etc.). We are at your disposal to coach you in public speaking for your symposia, conferences and congresses.


Techniques and Audiovisuals

Today, designing and ensuring a health, beauty, or aesthetic medicine event that leaves a lasting impression requires a very high level of technical and creative expertise. Each project is unique and combines architecture, audiovisual engineering, creativity, and a response to your needs. Whether it’s video or audio broadcasting or recording of your conferences, or an installation that allows you to stream your presentations, lighting or stage equipment, nothing can be left to chance because each element contributes to the success of your project.
The teams of our communication agency Karma Santé Beauté set up and coordinate all the event and audiovisual scenography. From drawing up technical plans to audiovisual supervision and site monitoring, we can help you achieve your communication objectives in the fields of health and beauty and aesthetic medicine.

Speaker management

Aesthetic medical sector

Identifying and attracting KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) or opinion leaders in aesthetic medicine and beauty health, who can capture attention and captivate an audience and support a message, manage the timing of their speeches and ensure that everything goes according to your expectations requires global expertise. The Karma Santé Beauté communications agency researches and identifies KOL opinion leaders, maps them out and draws up a dealing contract. And if it also enables you to become a good public speaker thanks to public speaking coaching, that’s even better.
By working on posture, tone and diction, stress management, and learning how to build the elements of your oral presence, you can boost the recognition of your expertise in aesthetic medicine or health-beauty. With coaching from the Karma Santé Beauté communications agency, you can make every speech an event.

Moderated by a journalist and expert speakers

Aesthetic medical sector

What if you hired a specialized journalist to accompany the success of your events and make the animation of your conferences, conventions, workshops, and seminars in health and beauty as well as in aesthetic medicine a strong element of your credibility? Attention-grabbing and capable of animating an audience, they are an asset to your brand image.
The Karma Santé Beauté communications agency will take care of selecting the speakers, expert presenters and journalists specialising in health and beauty and aesthetic medicine, as well as the media personalities who will give your message extra scope and weight.

Immersive experience, VR, Occulus & holograms

Aesthetic medical sector

Step into a new era by using 3D holographic projection for your health and beauty events as well as aesthetic medicine. Why make a hologram video? Because it creates a 3D projection that is more lifelike, illustrating your speech and giving it a very promising futuristic aspect. Your workshops will be sublimated.
To present your products and innovations or simply to distinguish your brand, at a trade fair for example, the techno-creatives at the Karma Santé Beauté communications agency have mastered the techniques of video holographic projection to create 3D holograms that can be human-sized, and boost awareness of your brand, your practice or a particular technique in aesthetic medicine and health and beauty.

Team building

Aesthetic medical sector

To motivate your teams and improve cohesion, boost your sales force and stimulate your turnover, it is essential to develop a strong sense of belonging. Whether you are a practitioner in aesthetic medicine or in the beauty health field, developing a team spirit strengthens the credibility and reach of your message. Convinced teams are convincing teams!
The communication agency Karma Santé Beauté imagines and organizes team building and incentive activities for you that value and reward your teams, strengthening their motivation and desire to grow your business in health and beauty as well as aesthetic medicine. Whether in preparation for trade fairs or beauty workshops, or throughout the year to maintain links, our teams have the know-how to help you organise high-quality in-house team-building events.

Workshop on injection techniques

Aesthetic medical sector

Organizing and leading a training or demonstration workshop in beauty health, presenting the latest anti-aging techniques and technologies at national and international aesthetic medicine conferences is an excellent tool for enhancing your expertise and brand. Whether you are a practitioner or you want to promote your clinic or establishment, the workshops are a great opportunity to exchange ideas with your peers and boost your brand image.
To allow you to focus on your core business and fully showcase your expertise, whether it be devices, injections or any other technique in aesthetic medicine, the experts at the Karma Santé Beauté communication agency ensure the overall organization of your workshops as well as their communication. With the support of Aesthetic Models World Recruitment, we can also select and recruit models for your workshops at international congresses, training sessions or symposia.

Conference stand and events

Aesthetic medical sector

During a trade show, conference, or more broadly during professional and public events, the notoriety and visibility of your beauty brand will depend on the animation and immersion offered to visitors. Creating impact, stimulating memorability, attracting attention Our specialist beauty agency conceptualises your presence at your events by creating ultra-visual, customised stands and offering experiential activities to attract your target audience, all while complying with regulations and the technical, time and budget constraints imposed.
From promotional tools to complex advertising objects, including artists, everything is designed to express the full beauty of your brand.

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