Digital influences your new health and beauty asset

The influence market has become essential in the beauty and healthcare sector. And for good reason, the proliferation of brands and expertise related to aesthetics and well-being continues to increase. Therefore, issues arise regarding the legitimacy of the actors, a need for evidence, advice, and recommendations from consumers. The numbers speak for themselves:
• 80% of consumers have already made a purchase following the recommendation of an influencer.
• 46% of consumers follow influencers for their recommendations.
• 61% of consumers interact with an influencer at least once a day.

• 83% of consumers discover a product through Instagram.
3 hours and 26 minutes is the amount of time consumers will spend on social media in 2021 (compared to only 54 minutes for TV).
$6.50 is the budget earned for every dollar invested in influence.

The infinity of formats, their capacity for interaction and conversion, exponential visibility… So many reasons that legitimize your presence in the feeds of the biggest influencers.

The communication agency Karma Santé Beauté supports you in defining the influence strategy and its implementation, with the aim of choosing the techniques and profiles (Instagramers, Youtubers, bloggers…) that correspond to your objectives and your beauty sector.

Influence strategy and campaign

Health-Beauty Sector

Influence campaigns are only effective if and only if they have been thought out as a whole. It’s not just about creating content, but about designing a real system based on brand affinity, consumer journey, and their expectations. The strategies of our communication agency Karma Santé Beauté are based on 3 pillars:

1. Creative, innovative formats that are in line with current trends.
2. A selection of profiles based on performance indicators and content quality (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…).
3. Implementation and monitoring that guarantees you the best KPIs.

Are you wondering how to integrate this approach into your overall strategy? We base ourselves on what already exists by pulling the thread of potential. Like a traditional advertising campaign, the influence strategy allows for creating impact and encouraging the memorization of your brand in a more direct, adaptable, and proven way.
Beauty workshops in the presence of influencers, launch lunches and parties, contests, live expert beauty-influencer consultations on social media, cosmetic partnerships, product placements, guided tours of your office by an influencer… The formats are endless and always more creative. The only condition? To register in reality while making people dream through an ultra aesthetic and qualitative communication. The added value of Karma Communication Health Beauty: combining each action of an event for guaranteed memorization and better visibility by inviting major media outlets.
From preparing and sending your media kit, to creating original unboxing buzzkits, as well as monitoring and planning KPIs, the Karma Communication Health and Beauty agency takes care of the entire dynamic process for you, ensuring your visibility on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and the most visited blogs to ensure the best results and ROI.

Influencer relations

Health-Beauty Sector

A good influencer is not defined by their number of followers. And for good reason: 61% of beauty consumers have difficulty trusting an influencer with a large number of subscribers. 4% more think that they are less authentic. The choice of influencer profiles is a composition exercise combining quality and efficiency. Karma Communication Health Beauty makes a point of choosing the most relevant profiles that legitimize and enhance the message, create a bond of trust while proposing a creative and aesthetic universe.

From selecting profiles (bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, etc.) to negotiating contracts, all that will be left for you is to reap the rewards of your campaign! Present in Paris, Nice, throughout Europe and internationally, we manage your influence campaigns from A to Z, regardless of their scope.

Search KOL/DOL

Health-Beauty Sector

Key opinion leaders (KOLs) are true experts in your health and beauty sector. Medical training, aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, cosmetic and cosmeceutical specialized scientists… They enhance your messages by bringing all their experience and promoting your beauty expertise. Our specialized beauty agency has built, over more than 15 years, a rich ecosystem of experts who support your brand strategy by delivering innovative content.
What is the mission of Karma Communication Health Beauty? Identify the most suitable profiles and establish a mutually beneficial relationship that lasts over time. Present for 15 years in Paris, Nice, throughout Europe and internationally, we provide you with the best personalities on the market.

KPI monitoring

Health-Beauty Sector

This is the main question that arises when it comes to sometimes very important investment. Thanks to regular monitoring, Karma Communication Health Beauty provides you with a comprehensive and real-time analysis of the impact of your campaign. Combined with targeted tracking of conversions and sales, you can easily see your return on investment.
Number of likes, number of comments, engagement rate, number of generated sales, CPM (Cost Per Thousand – media equivalent), CPE (Cost Per Engagement), CPC (Cost Per Click)… Whether it’s on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or TikTok, we ensure the effectiveness of your influencer campaigns.

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