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Make your health and beauty brand shine on social networks

SMO (Social Media Optimization) is a technique in its own right, based on 3 main pillars: – Social Media strategy – Community Management – Social Ads (Facebook ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube ads and LinkedIn ads) They enable you to increase your visibility on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) and reach your target audience. Nearly 4.4 billion internet users in the world and nearly 3.5 billion on social networks. Digital technology has profoundly changed consumer behavior, with a constant search for immediacy, instantaneity, and novelty. Thanks to influence, prescription in the beauty industry is becoming increasingly important.
Aesthetic medicine clinics and practices, cosmetic and cosmeceutical laboratories, wellness & spa centres… Your presence on social networks is essential. Make your offer, your expertise, the identity of your brand known and get closer to your target audience. The Karma Communication Health Beauty Agency, present in Paris and Nice, has been sharing its digital expertise for nearly 15 years by offering innovative formats, impactful visuals, and enriching content for the social networks of major beauty groups.

Social media strategy

Health-Beauty Sector

Social networks are an integral part of your overall communication strategy. They are one of the pillars that can exponentially increase your visibility. To do this, it is necessary to define a good strategy beforehand that allows you to reach your objectives (KPI) and obtain the best return on investment. Which networks to target (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube…)? At what frequency should I post? What editorial charter to define? What visual identity to choose?
The Karma Communication Health and Beauty Agency helps you clarify your issues, accompanies you in defining your publication schedule, defines your messages taking into account the DNA of your brand and the expectations of your affinity target, ensures bridges with your various digital media (website, blog…), while showing the results of your presence and your social ads.

Community management

Health-Beauty Sector

Advertising on social networks is at the heart of your customers’ purchasing journey. In the beauty and healthcare sector, she supports the recommendation of an influencer campaign or a display campaign. Very targeted, visual and consistent with the interests of your affinity target. You will be able to reach your target more immediately, accompany your social media strategy with sponsored posts (Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, LinkedIn ads…) during your beauty commercial operations, your image campaigns…
Specialized in digital for nearly 15 years, present in Paris, Nice, throughout Europe and internationally, Karma Communication Health Beauty Agency guarantees you the best return on investment, leads and engagement.

Video capsules

Health-Beauty Sector

Whatever its duration, form (motion design, motion capture, 3D, live…), video is THE most profitable digital communication format nowadays. We know that videos shared on social networks generate 1200% more shares than combined texts and images, and that viewers retain up to 95% of the message presented to them! But social networks have this particularity of offering different formats. From carousel to gif, from Reality to story, passing through the contest game, each one has its specificities and advantages. Mastering these formats is a marketing asset for the effectiveness of your digital presence.
So that you can focus on your core business in aesthetic medicine and beauty health, the professionals of the Karma Santé Beauté communication agency have acquired advanced expertise in these formats, on which they constantly monitor and analyze the data they generate. Depending on whether you want to promote a technical procedure, highlight the quality of your relationship with your patients, boost the morale of your teams or offer more sophisticated content, our experts will determine the most appropriate format and network to optimise the reach of your message and your return on investment.

E-learning platform

Aesthetic medical sector

Digitalize your training!
The continuing education of doctors? A legal obligation. Based on this observation, the Karma Santé Beauté agency offers fully personalized E-learning platforms. Design, functionality, content, everything is tailor-made. Like streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, our teams have developed solutions that give you the possibility of having a medical E-learning platform that reflects your identity and your image! Live streaming is not consumed, it is experienced! Accessible via the web, or in an application format, doctors and healthcare professionals, or their patient community, will at last be able to enjoy a variety of content: web broadcasts, in season, in series, in health-themed episodes, scientific expert roundtables, patient/doctor talk shows, information on your products, training on the latest techniques in aesthetic medicine, for example.

Between Web TV and E-learning platforms, the health and beauty sector is benefiting from strong growth in demand. The time spent on the Internet has increased 5-fold in 10 years, and behaviors have evolved, so this new digital training eco-system is winning over doctors and patients alike. Access to high-quality training courses, run by doctors for doctors, with easy access to content and replays, is now a key stage in the transformation process. E-learning, E-Academy, E-Masterclass, aesthetic medicine training webinars, Our web TV platforms are fully designed to allow practitioners and healthcare professionals to access comprehensive educational content, anywhere, anytime and in any situation. Karma Santé beauté Communication, in close collaboration with the Laboratoires, is proud to illustrate its capacity for innovation through numerous productions (some of which have been awarded the PRIX INNOVATION MEILLEUR PROJET DIGITAL DE l’ANNEE 2022).

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