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The Karma agency specializing in audiovisual produces 2D and 3D films for your multimedia communication!

The video format is essential to your health and beauty communication strategy. Even more so 2D or 3D films! This technological innovation allows you to integrate your know-how into reality and materialize your medical methods. Very useful in medicine and cosmetic surgery, dermatology, cosmeceuticals, demonstration of medical devices. 2D and 3D allow you to shine during your conferences, aesthetic medicine congresses, seminars and medical training.

The Karma Communication Health Beauty Agency makes audiovisual its historical expertise. Surrounded by the best image technicians, we are able to meet your needs and design the sharpest images. Present in Paris, Nice in Europe and internationally, we provide you with high-quality services.
Animation 2D et 3D Motion design

Motion design

Aesthetic medical sector

Motion design is a timeless technique in the world of audiovisual. It helps to create or dress up your beauty videos by offering spectacular transitions, inserting overlays to highlight key moments or implement your text content. All of this, while respecting the graphic codes of your health and beauty brand. Used in both commercial health and beauty films and more educational videos to explain your aesthetic expertise or train your collaborators, motion design is a simple, adaptable, and dynamic way to bring all your audiovisual projects to life while also being an economical alternative to filming.
Made from video rushes, stock footage or illustrations, it adapts to all your projects and budgets. The Karma Communication Health and Beauty agency, present in Nice, Paris throughout Europe and internationally, accompanies you in defining your needs, creating storyboards, editing and uploading your videos.


Health-Beauty Sector

The beauty and health sector, particularly in aesthetics, sometimes requires in-depth explanations to prove the effectiveness of a treatment, educate about a cosmetic surgery intervention, show the beneficial effects over time… 2D/3D animation is the perfect medium to convey the message and showcase your expertise visually. Thanks to projection, you will enhance your brand, your institute, your clinic with an innovative and tailor-made format.
Our communication agency specialized in health and beauty helps you express your potential by bringing all its expertise through a team of 3D experts, designers, illustrators, who will model your technical diagrams to deliver high-quality videos for your conferences, seminars, training sessions, waiting room films…

Computer-generated images

Aesthetic medical sector

Computer-generated imagery is the best way to convey a complex message in a simple and clear manner. Whether it is to present a procedure, the functioning of a medical device or to simulate the effects of an intervention or injection, 3D animation brings your expertise and innovations to life. It goes beyond the boundaries of standard communication and shows, with absolute precision, what you could not otherwise demonstrate. Taking advantage of the power of current design and graphic animation tools and texturing, the creative teams of the specialized communication agency Karma Santé Beauté manipulate the latest editing techniques to develop dynamic models.
What is the objective of our 3D graphic designers? Take your communication to a whole new level, no matter the audience you are targeting. Telling, raising awareness, communicating, demonstrating, explaining… Accessible and impactful, 3D infographics allow you to optimize your communication and affect your conversion rates.

VR animation

Health-Beauty Sector

Dive into the digital age with our exclusive virtual reality (VR) animation production service, a revolutionary tool for health and beauty professionals. Our immersive VR experiences are designed to capture attention while educating in a fun and interactive way. Whether simulating complex procedures, providing in-depth staff training, or presenting your services to patients in detail, we harness the potential of VR to create impactful, memorable visual narratives. Benefit from cutting-edge technology that not only sets you apart, but also delights your patients with attractive, innovative animations that turn learning into a real adventure.

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