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In a society where video is becoming increasingly popular on the Internet and other media, it’s vital for your company, your brand and your products to generate interest through an audiovisual content strategy. Film is a major asset for getting your message across and communicating your medical, aesthetic, anti-aging or wellness brand. The various audiovisual formats enhance your messages and immerse your audience in your brand DNA. Karma Communication Santé Beauté, specialized in audiovisuals for 18 years, conceptualizes your multimedia projects and offers you the very best in content, combining creativity, relevance and technique. From shooting to editing, our creative team produces: advertising or corporate films; training films; medical films; waiting room films; films incorporating 2D and 3D computer-generated images; motion design, live anatomy, etc. and video or real for your social networks..

Thanks to the infinite possibilities offered by the technicians, art directors, directors and editors at Karma Medical Beauty, a specialized audiovisual agency, we can produce tailor-made films for broadcast on a wide range of media (TV, Web, live demo, etc.). In line with your brand identity in medical aesthetics and your objectives, we operate in a wide field: from script writing and storyboarding to the realization of your film, we act to offer you a captivating audiovisual production.

Advertisement film

Health-Beauty Sector

An advertising film is the mark of the greats! by highlighting your DNA, revealing the strengths of your ranges or a product. A health and beauty brand’s advertising film will generate attraction, touch your target’s heart and create affect. Knowing the codes of the sector, knowing how to speak to the heart of the general public, being at the heart of their concerns, our expertise is the ally of an original and singular creation. Your advertising film will reveal 100% of your health and beauty brand’s DNA. Taste and a keen sense of aesthetics, capturing the emotions and feelings of an audience: this is the mission that our teams in the Karma santé beauté advertising film department artfully manage. We know that emotions influence choices and decision-making, so an advertising film has to win people over, speak to their emotions and capture their interest.

The advertising film is the format of excellence in the health and beauty sector, and must meet exacting criteria in terms of trends and aesthetics. We work like a trend laboratory, to offer you a result that exceeds your expectations. While taking regulatory aspects into account, our sector expertise enables us to support you, if the project so requires, in its ANSM filing. The Karma Santé Beauté agency offers a wide range of solutions and provides your project with the best directors, experts in the field of health and beauty, as well as film crews in France and abroad. Our teams carry out filming on site or in our studios, to meet your needs as closely as possible.

Waiting room movie

Health-Beauty Sector

The waiting room is a strategic place for communication, often poorly exploited! Before a treatment or procedure, the waiting time must be experienced as a pleasant moment, but it is also a key moment for communicating information to patients. Inform, educate on combined treatments, discover new techniques and solutions for facial or body care. A waiting room film must capitalize intelligently on this inescapable moment and turn it into an educational, informative and entertaining advantage. To make sure you don’t miss a single step in your patient’s journey, think of ways to liven up your waiting room. Whether it’s an explanation of a technique, a range of treatments, a scope of procedures, a film presenting your brand’s range, clinic or aesthetic practice… the possibilities are endless.

The time it takes to memorize a message is multiplied by 3, when attention is focused in a peaceful context. Discovering a brand, the benefits of a treatment or the complexity of the signs of aging, the waiting room film meets the needs of doctor, patient and laboratory. The purpose of our waiting room films is to put patients in the best possible frame of mind, to keep them informed and to turn waiting time into a privileged moment. The aim is to optimize waiting time and take the opportunity to prepare for the consultation. An informed patient, eager to learn more about your treatment offerings, means a more qualitative consultation. Karma Communication Santé Beauté, which has been present in Paris, Nice and abroad for nearly 15 years, can help you define your audiovisual needs, and advise you on the most relevant themes to address in the waiting room, and the best lengths of time to use.

Corporate movies

Health-Beauty Sector

Presenting your aesthetic clinic and your collaborators, highlighting the fundamentals of your brand identity, speaking out by sharing your beauty expertise… The corporate film is an essential part of your communication. He carries your image, your DNA, and is a carrier of meaning for your brand. Filmed in your premises or in film vision mode, composed of interviews or free-to-use videos.
Our agency’s audiovisual team, specialized in aesthetic medicine, has a wealth of techniques and proposals to make your corporate film a format that reflects your image and integrates the codes of health and beauty. The Karma Communication Health and Beauty Agency has been present in Paris, Nice, throughout Europe and internationally for nearly 15 years, taking care of your audiovisual projects wherever you are, while taking into account your budget.

Medical education movies

Health-Beauty Sector

The continuing education of doctors? a legal requirement! Because it’s more engaging, because it generates more attention and sharing, audiovisual training is the king of media. From knowledge sharing to scientific training, techniques and new methods in aesthetic medicine. Training films are the spearhead of effective scientific and educational communication. It is the doctor’s duty to keep abreast of the medical advances necessary for his work. (Article 11 of the Code of Medical Ethics).

Learning new injection techniques, knowing how to use a new medical device, deepening one’s knowledge of anatomical dissection… Training films, whether live, from a studio or an anatomy laboratory, are the result of expertise. Our agency perfectly masters all these types of filming and delivers films that precisely meet your expectations. Perfectly aware of your issues, the communication agency Karma Santé Beauté has put its health expertise to use by developing an audiovisual production studio dedicated to the medical world. Whether it’s about formats or content, our teams are full of ideas to make your medical education film project a success.

Motion design movies

Health-Beauty Sector

Motion design is a rapidly growing technique that is completely captivating and gaining approval for short formats. Motion design is often highly recommended to accompany an educational project. It can punctually enhance a key element of the discourse or constitute the entire framework of the project. The motion allows for spectacular transitions, by inserting overlays to highlight the highlights or implement your text content. All of this, while respecting the graphic codes of your health and beauty brand. Used in both commercial health and beauty films as well as more didactic videos to explain your aesthetic expertise or train your collaborators, motion design is a simple, modular, and dynamic means that allows you to reveal your messages while also being an alternative to filming.
In collaboration with numerous laboratories and healthcare professionals, we are developing short formats that are relevant and precisely meet the needs of the sector. Made from video rushes, stock footage or illustrations, it adapts to all your projects and budgets. The Karma Communication Health and Beauty agency, present in Nice, Paris throughout Europe and internationally, accompanies you in defining your needs, creating storyboards, editing and uploading your videos.

Care pathway movies

Health-Beauty Sector

Projecting oneself into the patient’s experience, understanding their overall experience in their healthcare journey is to master the stakes of their needs. Understanding the patient’s language is essential, turning towards them, anticipating their expectations, and apprehending their fears. Films presenting a care journey are designed for educational purposes, aimed at presenting the key stages of the journey and care, they have a dual purpose, allowing healthcare professionals to supplement the information provided to patients, but also to address their audience directly to facilitate full understanding of treatment, for example in cosmetic surgery or aesthetic medicine, and to avoid an anxiety-inducing phase often accelerated by the plethora of contradictory information available on the Internet.
The communication agency Karma Santé Beauté, specialized in medicine and medical aesthetics, has within its audiovisual studio all the tools and expertise to produce and create films on the care journey of your patients. With a dynamic and innovative editing, the film dedicated to the care journey in the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery is a communication tool with high added value. In collaboration with numerous laboratories and healthcare professionals, our Karma santé beauté communications agency develops short formats that are relevant and precisely tailored to the needs of the sector.

Surgical movies

Health-Beauty Sector

Making films in operating theatres, live anatomy and cadaver workshops requires special expertise and experience to enable you to fully express the scope of your practice. Beyond the specificities of the necessary equipment for these shots, it is necessary to be able to capture the most complex surgical gestures as well as the most innovative medical devices and equipment. It is necessary to have teams that are knowledgeable about the surgical context and experienced in practice. Whether capturing anatomical dissection sessions in cadaver workshop format, or filming a rhinoplasty, facelift or lipofilling procedure, our audiovisual teams accompany surgeons, anatomists and aesthetic physicians in their interventions, and trainings workshops for physicians by physicians. The Karma Santé Beauté communications agency has extensive experience of operating theatres and anatomy rooms, enabling us to design and produce medical education films using the latest audiovisual technologies. They support the quality of your practice, and excel as a clinical medical training tool.

Live video streaming

Health-Beauty Sector

For your conferences, seminars or specialized health, beauty and aesthetics exhibitions, consider live video. Filming your aesthetic intervention live, broadcasting it in real time on social networks or on a dedicated platform… You will be able to share your expertise with all your audiences around the world (clients, prospects, partners, collaborators…) and keep the highlights thanks to the recording. No more excuses for not participating in your events thanks to live streaming! Live or replay, our teams make this service a recognized expertise.

Our specialized agency in health, beauty, and aesthetics deploys all technical and human resources in order to offer you the best quality of image and the most advanced services.
Karma Communication Health Beauty takes care of all the organizational, creative and technological aspects so that you can focus on your expertise, regardless of the location and shooting context.

Teasers and social networking capsules

Health-Beauty Sector

Teaser, capsule, jingle, this mix between audiovisual, web, and video marketing is an audience booster, and the hallmark of a communication that marks an era of profound genre change, video is everywhere!
The video teaser will create desire, a sentence, a hook, a slogan, some beautiful images that will awaken curiosity, and here is a teaser video that will trigger on the web, or on your mobile, a desire to know more. On social media, Capsules have become the preferred format for internet users to give voice to aesthetic doctors and surgeons, patients, marketing directors or founders of cosmeceutical brands, or to promote a training webinar, a congress, a workshop.

06. Care pathway film
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Our short formats are broadcastable on all media and serve the discovery of content, a product, a program. Like a trailer, the catchy format is in line with its time, let’s encourage together to liven up its communication with talk show-worthy supports! Being naturally highly solicited, we must know how to attract the attention of our audience and bring trendy codes to the world of beauty and health.

Movie VR

Health-Beauty Sector

Using the latest technologies to enhance your practice in aesthetic medicine and wellness is offering your audience a unique and impactful experience. It is also anticipating the future of the profession and being among the pioneers of tomorrow’s aesthetic medicine. Offering your prospects, partners, patients, and clients a virtual reality visualization to anticipate intervention results, or an augmented reality journey to better understand the functioning of your devices, is the assurance of anchoring yourself in their memory and promoting your brand.
The creative technologists at the communication agency Karma Santé Beauté develop original and immersive virtual worlds for you, capable of propelling your brand to a whole new level of engagement and attractiveness. FILMS VR, experiences in the METAVERSE, let yourself be guided by our constant innovation. At Karma, communication is all about innovation.

Script & Storyboard

Health-Beauty Sector

Your film, whatever its nature, subject or objective, requires thorough preparation beforehand. The themes of speaking and the plans must be considered one by one, designed and imagined so that the realization is effective and fast. This crucial step for the quality of your audiovisual communication cannot be improvised. She uses specific techniques and know-how. Brief the medical teams, doctors and KOLs, to prepare the shoot in advance and ensure a top-quality result.
The teams of the communication agency Karma Santé Beauté have been immersed in the health and beauty sector for 15 years, as well as in audiovisual capture techniques. We know how to reveal the full potential of a scientific discourse, of a brand positioned in the field of aesthetic medicine. Our agency produces scripts which, once validated, are developed into storyboards allowing us to envision the content and thematic focuses to address, as well as the angles and lighting in order to best meet your needs and expectations.

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