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Karma Medical Aesthetic builds and enhances your brand image!

The health and beauty sector demands a convincing, singular brand image to reveal the full potential of a cosmeceutical brand. As well as a product, an aesthetic medicine device, a practice or a wellness center. Brand image is the first proof of the effectiveness of know-how and expertise, and is what influences and seduces consumers. Karma Medical Beauty will develop relevant, unique and conceptual content for the medical sector, making your brand a benchmark in the aesthetic medicine market.

Karma Médical Esthétique supports you from the definition of your cosmeceutical brand identity to the creation of your beauty advertising campaigns, including your communication tools (brochure, ADV, patient leaflet, waiting room leaflet…), packaging and POS.

Studio création graphique Karma Beauté

Brand identity

Health-Beauty Sector

Making your health and beauty brand or your aesthetic clinic a recognizable player at first glance is our goal. Logos, graphic charters, key visuals, brand content, and leaflets are the foundations of your brand, they will define the quality of your identity and your beauty communication. The artistic directors of Karma Communication Health Beauty are experienced in the codes of the sector.

Elegant or ultra-commercial lines, integration of health, beauty and wellness codes, choice of colors and shapes… Everything is done so that the signifiers express the potential of the brand and thus allow the consumer to identify themselves and immerse themselves in your universe. For over 15 years, our communication agency specialized in health and beauty has made its creative vision its main asset, working for major players throughout France and internationally.

Product & environment

Health-Beauty Sector
Advertising is supposed to make us dream, not to hold up a mirror to us. The problem with beauty communication campaigns is the lack of identification of consumers with perfect standards. Today, health and beauty communication campaigns must be thought out according to two main trends: that of the ideal and that which advocates realism, variety and difference. Aware of these findings, the Karma Communication Health and Beauty Agency adapts its advertising campaign concepts to market trends and consumer expectations according to your sector. Specialized in strong concepts and increasingly impressive key visuals, our health-beauty communication agency creates multi-media advertising campaigns (print, digital, TV, cinema) for your product, services, or beauty brand.

Brochure, ADV & Leaflets

Health-Beauty Sector

Beauty is even more beautiful when it is expressed everywhere, on all your professional and public communication media. Karma Communication Health Beauty Agency takes it into account in its multi-channel communication plans by offering you all the necessary tools for good visibility.
By creating brochures for your beauty trade shows and conferences, leaflets for your wellness centers, patient leaflets, dosage sheets, product catalogs, or even customized and innovative advertising formats to facilitate the work of your sales and medical representatives, we optimize the points of contact with your audiences in order to create sustained repetition of your messages and disseminate your content, whether in paper or digital format.


Health-Beauty Sector

As beautiful on the inside as on the outside, we adorn your beauty brand with the best assets to accompany the consumer throughout their journey. Your packaging for cosmetic, cosmeceutical, or medical device products are the elements of your brand that your targets take home and therefore see on a daily basis.
Like your health and beauty brand, your packaging design should inspire confidence and effectiveness. It must promote your expertise. Its quality carries the promise of its content, so our teams take special care in designing packaging that is both practical and original, capable of standing out on a shelf, to make you an essential brand.

Conference stand

Health-Beauty Sector

At a trade show, conference, or even in the premises of your aesthetic medicine practice or your institute, the dissemination of your signature and graphic language is a tool at the service of your brand image. Beautiful, subtle, attractive, enhancing… These are the key words that our creatives have in mind when they imagine the tools for your event presence.
Whether it’s an original mobile stand or an elegant and easily reusable roll-up kakemono design, the communication agency Karma Santé Beauté creates elements that enhance your products and expertise, convey your values, and transform your presence into an event to serve the attractiveness of your brand.


Health-Beauty Sector

76% of purchasing decisions are made within the aisles themselves… Promoting your wellness and cosmeceutical products, guiding patient consumers towards your offers in pharmacies and parapharmacies, informing them clearly and elegantly, sensitizing them to a particular issue while enhancing your health-beauty brand is an essential objective at the various touchpoints of your brand with its audiences.
It is the role of Point of Sale Advertising (PLV) and Point of Sale Information (ILV) that our teams develop for you. Carrying your graphic identity and brand universe, these elements (shelf stoppers, banners, counter easels, etc…) are easily memorable, visually stimulating and guide your targets towards your brand in an original way.

Digital signage

Health-Beauty Sector
Digital signage or digital display brings your health and beauty brand communication to life by giving it a new dimension. Dynamic, they are more likely to engage your targets, whether it be at a trade show, conference, or in the heart of a sales location. Remote-controlled, modern and intuitive, they allow unexpected and rewarding real-time interactions, serving your brand. Innovative, these digital signs are spaces where creative imagination and technical expertise come together. The teams of the Karma Santé Beauté communication agency combine both and offer you new, intuitive and surprising ways to attract the attention of your marketing targets to your offers.

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