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Good SEO is now the main factor for your visibility. To be known and recognized, aim for the first pages of search engines! And for good reason:




The beauty and healthcare sector is highly competitive. There is a plethora of medical and cosmetic surgery clinics, cosmetic and cosmeceutical brands, wellness centers… Working on your SEO should be a priority at a time when consumers make their main choices through their internet searches.

Karma Communication Health Beauty agency makes natural referencing (SEO) and paid referencing (SEA) the strength of your website and digital tools. Choosing keywords, registering on directories, managing your budget, updating and animating your website to meet the requirements of algorithms… For 15 years, we have been operating in Paris, Nice in Europe and internationally with the biggest beauty brands, aesthetic cabinets and clinics to offer them the best SEO strategies.

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SEO referencing

Health-Beauty Sector

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – (or natural referencing) is the most effective, sustainable and qualitative strategy if you want to ensure the top positions on search engines for the longest time. Our specialized beauty agency can intervene upstream of the writing of your content and the construction of your site or act in optimization by offering you precise audits of the effectiveness of your site.
Positioning yourself on the best keywords in the health and beauty sector, seizing opportunities to stand out, creating tailored editorial content, boosting your keywords, tracking traffic and conversions generated by each keyword… Karma Communication Health and Beauty Agency follows your project from A to Z in order to offer you the best visibility, whether in France or internationally.

SEA referencing

Health-Beauty Sector

SEA – Search Engine Advertising – (or paid referencing) is a complementary practice to SEO in order to increase your visibility and e-reputation more quickly. Promoting your aesthetic clinic, wellness and spa services, cosmetic products… SEA allows, through Adwords campaigns (usually dependent on Google), to boost your business by attracting consumers.
How? By buying space on the Internet to get you listed in the top results. The Karma Communication Health Beauty agency optimizes your budget by offering you the most effective solutions while respecting your resources.

SEA – Search Engine Advertising – (or paid referencing) is a complementary practice to SEO in order to increase your visibility and e-reputation more quickly.

Content marketing

Health-Beauty Sector

Content Marketing or Inbound Marketing can be summarized as a content creation strategy focused on the themes that make up your industry. In the field of beauty and health, this can materialize through a beauty advice blog, an environmental site explaining aesthetic medicine techniques, videos uploaded on Youtube…
The idea is to generate buzz about you through high-quality content that integrates your strategy and SEO keywords. Thanks to netlinking, you can bridge the gap between your various digital tools and those of your partners in order to offer optimized journeys for the user and generate their interest.

Blog news

Health-Beauty Sector

To build one’s online reputation, one must activate all the levers at their disposal. It is about occupying space and asserting your expertise in health and beauty as well as aesthetic medicine and spreading it to as many people as possible. In the age of social networks, one may question the necessity of having a blog. Yet the gain is real. A blog allows you to demonstrate your know-how, showcase your skills, create and maintain a strong connection with your target audience by keeping them informed of your news, sharing your values, your story…
Effectively animating a brand blog requires a particular expertise. From the implementation of an editorial strategy to the creation of content to improve natural referencing and therefore increase the visibility of your brand, the communication agency Karma Santé Beauté puts its specialists at the service of your positioning. By writing articles, producing expert reports and monitoring editorial content, you can raise awareness and educate your audiences while promoting your health and beauty brand.

Data analysis and KPIs

Health-Beauty Sector

In order to analyze the relevance of a positioning and determine strategic actions to be taken in the era of Big Data, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators or performance indicators) are essential. Derived from data produced by digital interactions on the internet and web traffic analysis tools, what information do these KPIs provide? Lead acquisition, conversion into clients, entry points to the offer, engagement… These are all elements that allow for analyzing the performance of a website, newsletter, or social media publication. Combined with a consistent activity (blog articles, social networks, etc.), these data allow you to improve the effectiveness of your marketing actions, anticipate their costs, and consider their impact.
To optimize your action in aesthetic medicine and beauty health, the communication agency Karma Santé Beauté has developed a real capacity for data analysis covering the entire digital territory. From the performance of your website to the effectiveness of your newsletters, to the detailed analysis of your interactions on social networks, the KPIs analyzed by the experts of the communication agency Karma Santé Beauté boost your action. By identifying the levers for growth and isolating the problems or areas of weakness, these KPIs are key tools for ensuring the profitability of your business.

Trafic optimization

Health-Beauty Sector

Increasing the traffic to your website is always a good thing… Especially if it is qualified traffic, likely to go from being a visitor to being a customer. So optimising your campaigns through website traffic acquisition strategies can have a major effect. These strategies help maximize the number of visitors who take action on your website. Whether they’re reading an article on your blog, finding out about your procedures and techniques or booking an appointment, your visitors are more than ever prospects.
To increase the performance of your website, the growth hackers at the communication agency Karma Santé Beauté will optimize the way your site is perceived by search engines, beyond even content strategies. SEO, copywriting analysis, optimization of the browsing experience (UX and UI) as well as source code are used to enhance your health, beauty, and aesthetic medicine offer. Whether you’re an injector, an aesthetic doctor, a clinic or a practice, optimisation can boost traffic acquisition.

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