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With over 18 years of expertise, the Karma Communication group and its agency specializing in aesthetic medicine support brands in the beauty and medical sectors. Develop your brand awareness, think through your brand strategy, optimize engagement while mastering your sector and healthcare regulations. Communicating in the medical aesthetic sector is first and foremost one of Karma Santé Beauté’s core areas of expertise. Being a consultant means being cross-functional, being one step ahead, anticipating developments in the medical and beauty sectors, and offering the most innovative means of communication. Our 360° expertise combined with knowledge of the health and beauty sectormastering the codes of aesthetic medicine, identifying market issues, the genesis of brand storytelling, knowing product innovations in medical technologies, making the most of the latest developments in aesthetic medicine. branding cosmeceutical products or the strategy of launch of skincare products. The agency is also attuned to the changing demands of patients and consumers. Our Santé Beauté communications agency offers strategies that integrate reflection, digital, marketing and all communication vectors to leverage the target audience. Promoting aesthetic medicine products and treatments in compliance with health regulations is our core business.

The evolution of the science of ageing, the internationalization of brands and the democratization of health and beauty care have broadened the scope of medical communications. Knowing how to listen closely and anticipate new behaviors means understanding our customers’ challenges, so we can provide them with the advice and communications strategy that best promotes and differentiates their brand image in the healthcare sector. Karma Medical & Beauty, a communications agency specializing in aesthetic medicine, offers a strategic vision, taking into account your DNA, your values and a permanent watch thanks to our presence on the world’s most important markets international aesthetic medicine congresses AMWC (Aesthetic Medicine World Congress); IMCAS (World Congress on Dermatology, Plastic Surgery & Aging Science) and COSMOPROF (Congrès de l’Industrie de la Beauté). We combine our business expertise in communications for aesthetic medicine centers and pharmaceutical companies.

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Omnichannel brand strategy

Aesthetic medical sector

Having a logo, an identity, a website, an advertising campaign, social media accounts… All of these are communication tools that depend on a good strategy to have the maximum possible impact. In the field of beauty and health, especially when products are little known or poorly understood, when aesthetic techniques are not yet fully democratized, and when well-being becomes a standardized discourse, having a good communication strategy is an effective way to achieve one’s goals, to think disruption and impact.

Cornerstone of your recognition in the market, it allows you to benefit from a common foundation to master and quantify your actions. The Karma Communication Health Beauty agency has made it its historical expertise in France, throughout Europe and internationally, by accompanying major players in aesthetic medicine, cosmeceuticals, cosmetics, wellness, laboratories, healthcare professionals, and aesthetic clinics in the development of their annual strategies.

Benchmarking, scientific and medical-marketing intelligence

Aesthetic medical sector

Being able to have a clear vision of one’s brand positioning and being able to locate oneself in one’s ecosystem is a strategic asset. The communication agency Karma Santé Beauté carries out strategic audits (quality audit, digital audit, e-reputation audit, qualitative survey) to assess internal and external risks and opportunities. We support you in building your branding brand positioning and identifying your marketing targets, by activating the most relevant levers (competitive benchmark, SWOT analysis, comparative analysis) to determine your buyer personas and effective branding strategy.
Our expert knowledge of the health and beauty sector, aesthetic medicine, and cosmeceuticals, combined with our mastery of audit and benchmarking techniques for both the company’s activity and competition, allows us to provide you with the best advice for your business and strengthen your positioning in your market, whether through print or digital tools.

Brand platform

Aesthetic medical sector

Expressing your values, building and enhancing your brand identity, is having the tools to stand out in a constantly changing environment. We must present a coherent discourse around strong commitments and values. The Karma Santé Beauté communications agency will help you define your health and beauty brand platform and build your manifesto, a veritable profession of faith for your business and your uniqueness.
Our branding strategy experts develop your brand platform, brand book, management tool, and roadmap tailored to your projects. We build a rich and engaging storytelling based on your story and goals in order to achieve a unique positioning that clearly distinguishes you in your environment.


Aesthetic medical sector

Your name represents the first contact of the public with your brand. To ensure that it is not the only one, you must think about your identity, sometimes creating it from scratch, while respecting your vision and reflecting your values and your brand DNA. To position your brand well, you need to ask the right questions: benchmarking, analysis and national and international legal deposits, relevance and seductive power of the naming in the field… So many elements that require real expertise.
Our copywriters put their creativity to the test of trademark expertise to help you find the most effective name in an ultra-competitive market. As a priority vector of your brand image, we pay meticulous attention to naming by conducting a prior search for brand names available in the INPI database and internationally. Karma Santé Beauté is a naming agency with brand image expertise, particularly in the field of pharmaceutical naming.

Communication plan

Aesthetic medical sector

Register at each stage of your communication in order to maintain meaning and coherence, ensure the most effective and relevant actions, create and implement a comprehensive communication action plan… These are all missions that our Strategic Consulting department implements to ensure maximum resonance for your beauty communication.
Just like an in-house communications department, our consultants work in partnership with your teams, offering you innovative and creative communications actions and resources that fit seamlessly into your multi-channel action plan. All while respecting financial resources, time constraints and regulations.

KOL/DOL Management

Aesthetic medical sector

In the beauty and wellness sector, having influencers is the guarantee of delivering the right message to the right target audience in the most qualitative and proven way. At your aesthetic medicine conferences, beauty product launches, or wellness service events, a good spokesperson can make a difference. That is why we identify the most relevant KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) for you in order to give an expert aura to your communication.
Coming from the beauty elite, capable of carrying and transmitting your message with flair and conviction, they will make your brand, beauty/wellness services and products indispensable. Karma Communication Health Beauty, present in Paris, Nice throughout France and internationally, offers you the quality of a global network of beauty professionals, as well as management of their interventions over time to allow you the best visibility.

Regulatory assessments

Aesthetic medical sector

Beauty doesn’t always rhyme with “do what you want”. That is why, Karma Communication Health Beauty works alongside you to guarantee a creative communication that takes into account your regulatory constraints. Especially in aesthetic medicine or for cosmetic and cosmeceutical laboratories, it becomes a motivating constraint for communication. Our communications agency, specialized in beauty and well-being, develops complete strategies and communications media in line with ANSM recommendations and in full compliance with health regulations governing the DO’s and DON’Ts of the profession. Our teams, trained and specialized in medical marketing, work closely with your compliance department and anticipate key points to avoid.

Patient pathway

Aesthetic medical sector

Today, patients are highly solicited and connected, expecting special attention that places them at the heart of the action. The patient base is demanding and questions aesthetic medical procedures.
She searches, selects, seeks opinions, and informs herself… Nowadays, patients are proactive and go on the internet to search for information on treatments, products, and specialized doctors. This new approach revolutionizes the patient/doctor relationship and the link between need, desire, indication and treatment. Whether we’re talking about pro-aging, anti-aging, cosmetics or cosmeceuticals for the face or body, patient demand for aesthetic medicine is growing rapidly.

Aging gracefully becomes a hymn to the democratization of aesthetic medicine, its procedures and solutions. In this changing landscape, our teams combine multidisciplinary expertise and field experience to ensure the coherence and effectiveness of your communication with the general public and your target audience, the patients. Our constant monitoring allows us to act as closely as possible to trends in order to capture maximum attention and generate engagement.

Brand Awarness

Aesthetic medical sector

Collaborating on the recognition of your brand, its memorization by its target audience is the heart of our Brand Awareness strategy. At Karma health and beauty, brand awareness is a crucial point that we develop through channels that promote an emotional relationship with your consumers. Establishing a strong relationship, getting your brand into the intimacy of your consumers, brand awareness is a powerful marketing strategy that leads your consumers to develop an instinctive preference for your products and your brand.
The health and beauty sector closely touches on intimacy, from pro-aging products to medical creams or anti-aging devices, we enter into a loving relationship with products that cherish us and make us feel good. Make your brand a love brand, and increase its notoriety in a sustainable way.

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