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Your content is an integral part of your image. They explain your expertise, tell the story of your brand, and differentiate you from your competitors. Writing is now at the heart of your visibility because it helps to reference you on search engines and individualize your company. Your written expression universe is as important as your color codes, visuals, and logo. It will seduce your prospects, enrich your target audience, and prove the professional aspect of your brand. Present for nearly 15 years in Paris, Nice, Europe and internationally with the largest cosmetic and cosmeceutical laboratories, aesthetic surgeons and doctors, aesthetic clinics, Karma Communication Health Beauty Agency accompanies you in defining your editorial line and writing your content for your print and digital tools in all your communication actions.
Karma Santé Beauté bases its legitimacy on both innovative creative skills and strategic advice related to a written knowledge of the medical scientific field. This configuration gives us medical-strategic and creative expertise, a health and beauty culture in the broadest sense. Our agency creates messages intended for all stakeholders in the beauty and healthcare industry, as well as the general public, in a language adapted to each specialty and each link in the chain of healthcare and beauty prescribers.
Rédaction médicale esthétique

Aesthetic medicine content

Health-Beauty Sector
Writing in the beauty and healthcare sector requires a particular know-how and great expertise from our specialized medical writers on aesthetic, cosmeceutical, dermocosmetic, and wellness products and techniques. Our medical writers are creative, inspired, and reveal through their work all the beauty and effectiveness of your brand. When your scientific content benefits from a real design and a differentiating semantic field, they support your image and give you real recognition among your target audiences: healthcare professionals, doctors, prescribers, general public.

Scientific writing

Health-Beauty Sector

Our agency specializes in high-caliber scientific writing for health and beauty professionals, providing services that combine academic rigor and literary elegance. Our experts have mastered the art of transforming complex information into precise, clear and convincing content, suitable for both specialist publications and mainstream communications. Whether we’re writing research articles, creating training documents or developing patient communication materials, we’re committed to promoting the knowledge and expertise of physicians and practitioners. Trust our skilled pen to convey your messages with authority and finesse, and position you as a benchmark in your field.

Brand storytelling

Aesthetic medical sector

Consumers have never needed to travel and identify themselves through brand content as much as they do now. Based on your brand platform and fundamentals, your storytelling should meet your image objectives and drive business.

At Karma Communication Health Beauty, the team of medical writers and copywriters is experienced in the exercise and offers immersive aspirational content for your leaflets, commercial brochures, waiting room brochures, corporate or advertising films, websites…
Consumers have never needed to travel and identify themselves through brand content as much as they do now. Based on your brand DNA, values, fundamentals, your storytelling must meet your image objectives and develop your results.

At Karma Communication Health Beauty, the team is composed of several medical writers covering different therapeutic areas in the field of aesthetic medicine. According to your needs, you will benefit from a dedicated project manager and a specialized medical writer to accompany the creation of your medical health and beauty editorial line.

Editorial ecosystem

Health-Beauty Sector

In the era of digitalization of health and the emergence of metaverses, thinking about your digital presence in an ecosystem, globally, including all digital channels (website, mobile application, and social networks) must be a key element of your communication strategy, to anticipate technological developments that will inevitably disrupt the sectors of health, beauty, and aesthetic medicine.
Whether you need to develop or manage the CMS (Content Management System) for your practice, your clinic or your own brand in health, beauty and aesthetic medicine, the specialist teams at our Karma Santé Beauté communications agency make sure you choose the right digital levers so that your patients, customers and prospects receive the right content at the right time and on the right media.

SEO copywriting

Aesthetic medical sector

How to combine the soul of your brand, your expertise, and good SEO? Thanks to SEO writing! It stems from a well-thought-out strategy based on identified keywords, differentiated editorial content, netlinking, and regular monitoring of your position on search engines. Far from automated and sanitized content, we offer services that combine finesse and efficiency to help you perform well in the beauty and health industry. Combined with an ultra-efficient technical device on your website (updates, features…), this is the guarantee of being among the first players in health, beauty and aesthetics on Google.
Whether it’s for a showcase website, a website for your aesthetic clinic or practice, a beauty e-commerce website, an environmental blog… Don’t underestimate the power of your content for your visibility. The Karma Communication Health Beauty agency, present in Paris, Nice in Europe and internationally, has made it its specialty for more than 15 years.


Health-Beauty Sector

Present for over 15 years in Paris, Nice, throughout Europe and internationally, Karma Communication Health Beauty has woven a network of renowned international experts and benefits from an English-speaking team that can translate all of your scientific content. Whether you are based in France or abroad, we offer you high-quality multilingual translations, taking into account the creative aspect of concepts so as not to distort them, as well as the regulatory aspect and the entire semantic field related to the field of surgery and aesthetic medicine.
Our translators are experts in health and beauty.

We select the most suitable profiles of scientific translators for your project and your health and beauty industry, in order to ensure the most faithful and adapted content for your international target audience.

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