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For 15 years, the Karma Health Beauty agency has developed a UNIQUE expertise in recruiting and providing models for demonstrating aesthetic know-how and medical equipment. The world of health and beauty has its codes and requirements that we are immersed in in our daily work. Our agency is recruiting and offering its services to aesthetic companies, patient associations, and medical expert committees. The Karma Santé Beauté agency works with leading manufacturers of aesthetic equipment, top surgeons and aesthetic doctors, as well as major cosmeceutical laboratories by providing them with the necessary models for demonstration workshops.

Certain techniques such as peeling, hyaluronic acid injections, botox, aesthetic mesotherapy, full face integral treatments, the placement of tension threads and fillers, treatments against cellulite and stretch marks (…) should be presented in an institute, to facilitate the discovery of the specificities of the equipment and its advantages. That’s why the Karma Communication Group’s Aesthetic Models World Recruitment agency offers a range of services aimed at finding the most suitable models for your aesthetic medicine workshops and demonstrations.

Recruitment for aesthetic medicine demonstration

Aesthetic Medicine Sector

Aesthetic Models World Recruitment organizes numerous medical conferences, demonstration workshops in private clinics and university hospitals, but also participates in national and international congresses with projects involving rigorous recruitment of models from all over Europe, Asia or America with event coordination that can involve managing more than 100 models per day. We are able to support our clients on a daily basis in organizational, administrative, communication-related procedures, and to supervise the entire process of projects from recruitment to organization.
Rigorously respectful of the regulatory framework and with a particular concern for the work of our demonstrator models, we work towards a winning collaboration between doctors and the model. Our demonstrator models play a central role in the smooth running of technical and commercial demonstration workshops. Invested and sensitized to the project, our models form a duo with the sales or medical teams to make the event a success.

Recruitment for medical device demonstration

Aesthetic Medicine Sector

Aesthetic Models World Recruitment is exclusively dedicated to the world of aesthetic medicine. As part of these events, our models are called upon and can benefit from treatment. For these aesthetic medicine workshops, our models participate in events demonstrating the expertise of a renowned doctor.
Aesthetic Models World Recruitment collaborates with the best global pharmaceutical and dermatological laboratories, their reputation and expertise ensure a top quality care for the models selected during the workshops and events they organize.

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