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Opt for a complete communications package for your clinic and beauty salon

As an aesthetic clinic, wellness center or spa, your communication is essential for your recognition. This involves various tools that punctuate the journey of your patients and that will allow you to have qualitative points of contact in order to create memorization. Your know-how is your trademark, your communication must also be so that you can be part of modernity. Our agency specialized in health and beauty communication offers you a complete pack of essential tools to achieve this objective.
From your business cards to your website, your social networks or films for your waiting room… You will have all the necessary elements for your visibility and recognition. The Karma Communication Health Beauty Agency, present in Paris, Nice, throughout Europe and internationally, has been supporting beauty professionals for nearly 15 years in defining their communication.

Doctor’s website

Health-Beauty Sector
Karma Communication Health Beauty captures the essence of your DNA, creates your codes, and transforms them into an ultra-efficient website dedicated to beauty and aesthetics. Whatever your requirements, we conceptualize your universe, write your specific content taking into account regulatory constraints, and implement your custom functionality sites. Our digital team is composed of expert developers capable of meeting all your requests. Whether it’s a showcase website for a firm or clinic, an e-commerce website for the sale of your cosmetic products, or a website with a booking module for a beauty salon, our agency specialized in beauty and aesthetic medicine designs ultra-high-quality, responsive websites that take into account SEO strategy.

Medical web copywriting

Health-Beauty Sector

Far from automated and sanitized content, we offer services that combine finesse and efficiency in order to align with the standards of beauty. How to combine the soul of your brand, your expertise, and good SEO? Thanks to SEO writing! It stems from a well-thought-out strategy based on identified keywords, differentiated editorial content, netlinking, and regular monitoring of your position on search engines.
Combined with an ultra-efficient technical device on your website (updates, features…), this is the guarantee of being among the first players in beauty and aesthetics on Google. Whether it’s for a showcase website, a website for your aesthetic clinic or practice, a health and beauty e-commerce website, an environmental blog… Don’t underestimate the power of your content for your visibility. The Karma Communication Health Beauty agency, present in Paris, Nice in Europe and internationally, has made it its specialty for more than 15 years.

Patient application

Health-Beauty Sector

Clinics and aesthetic centers, cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, wellness centers… The application dedicated to your patients is increasingly appearing and allows for a more direct and close connection with your audience.
Make an appointment in a few clicks, contact you via a dedicated chat, ensure the follow-up of the medical file, have all the necessary health documents at hand…

Social networks

Health-Beauty Sector

More and more, clinics of aesthetic medicine and surgery, wellness centers, and more broadly, beauty actors are registering on social networks. Showcasing one’s expertise, communicating about the establishment, collecting testimonials… In an era where social media is the most consulted medium, your presence is essential. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn (for professional beauty communication) are all networks that will bring you the visibility you deserve. Provided that it is mastered, both in content and visuals, in order to offer you the highest quality image possible.
The Karma Communication Health and Beauty Agency offers a complete service based on monthly support to bring your accounts to life, grow your community, and moderate comments.

Aesthetic clinic stationery

Health-Beauty Sector

Making your beauty brand, wellness institute, or aesthetic medicine clinic recognizable at first glance is our goal. The artistic directors of Karma Communication Health Beauty are experienced in the ultra aesthetic codes that create impact. Elegant or ultra-commercial lines, integration of health and wellness codes, choice of colors and shapes… Everything is done so that the signifiers express the potential of the brand and thus allow the consumer to identify themselves, to immerse themselves in your universe from your stationery. Elegant or ultra-commercial lines, incorporation of health and well-being codes, choice of colours and shapes… Everything is done to ensure that the signifiers express the brand’s potential and enable the consumer to identify with and immerse themselves in your world right from your stationery.
Business cards, letterhead paper, brochures, correspondence cards… For over 15 years, our communication agency specialized in health and beauty has made its creative vision its main asset, working for major players throughout France and internationally.

Waiting room movie

Health-Beauty Sector

A transitional place before a treatment or intervention, it aims to put the patient in the best conditions, inform and reassure them. Waiting rooms are often crucial places where your communication can make a difference. In order not to neglect any step of your patient’s journey, think about the waiting room film. Whether it’s explaining a technique, your offer, your scope of intervention, a corporate film presenting your clinic or aesthetic practice… The possibilities are endless.
The Karma Communication Health and Beauty agency, present in Paris and Nice for nearly 15 years, accompanies you in defining your audiovisual needs, advises you on the most relevant themes for your activity, and produces high-quality waiting room films.

Congress communication

Health-Beauty Sector

Congresses, conventions, and seminars in the beauty and healthcare sector match the prestige of each brand. Although professionals, they require a special immersion in order to enrich and convert all stakeholders of the product or know-how in question. Beyond the main objective (presentation of a new plastic surgery technique, a new thread lift, demonstrations of the effects of hyaluronic acid, launch of a new device, presentation of a range of cosmetic products…), it is the concept and universe created by your brand that will make the difference throughout the visitor’s journey.
From the design of your booth to the preparation of your public interventions (Ted Talk presentations, PowerPoint…), including the creation of your promotional tools (invitations, banners, films, advertising items…), Karma Communication Health Beauty takes care of your project in its entirety, whether it is in France or internationally.

Health and beauty webinars

Health-Beauty Sector

Sharing a product demonstration of aesthetic medicine, promoting your cosmetic product, exchanging with professionals in your sector or your clients on a particular issue, positioning yourself as an expert… The webinar is a highly consumed format and is now considered a vector for knowledge enrichment. Alone or with others, speak up, share visual and audio content, and start a debate.
From setting up the platform to sending invitations and promoting your webinar, moderating interactions or broadcasting, Karma Communication Health Beauty agency takes care of the technical aspects and your content throughout the project.

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