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Although the health, beauty and aesthetics sector was originally a market based on the consumer experience, online sales of cosmeceuticals are becoming increasingly democratic. So much so that today, one in three French people has already bought a beauty product online. In the dermo-cosmetics sector, the main players are multiplying and offering ever more innovative concepts: organic cosmetics, natural skincare, innovative medical technologies… Beauty brands and pharmaceutical/aesthetic laboratories are redoubling their efforts to inform, educate and democratize the sector’s new innovations. Aesthetic medicine clinics and plastic surgeons are also speaking out and demonstrating their expertise. Communication in the beauty and health sector involves the organization of live events, rebroadcast on streaming platforms, offering free access to training replays (injection techniques, peels, webinars…). All these services, from the development of web solutions to content creation and rebroadcasting techniques, are key elements of Karma’s know-how.

Whether you’re promoting a laboratory, its brands and products, or demonstrating the services of an aesthetic clinic or medical practice, a website is essential to optimize your visibility on the web. At Karma Communication Digital Web Medical Beauty, we’ve been making this our core business for over 18 years, offering you ever more innovative digital web platforms, at the cutting edge of technology and current trends. With offices in Paris, Nice, throughout Europe, in Barcelona and internationally (Singapore, Dubai, New York, Jakarta, Bali), we support major groups and independents in the health and beauty market in the creation of customized websites, we take into account design, website structure, user experience (UX/UI), search engine optimization (SEO) and annual maintenance. Numerous web projects have been acclaimed by the pharmaceutical industry and have won three awards in international competitions.

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Brand website

Aesthetic medical sector

Your site must reflect your brand, your business and your know-how. At Karma Communication Santé Beauté, we can capture the essence of your DNA by creating a site tailored to your health and beauty sector. Whatever your requirements, we conceptualize your universe, write your specific content taking into account regulatory constraints, and implement your custom functionality sites. Our digital team is composed of expert developers, capable of meeting all your requests. Whether it’s a showcase website for a firm or clinic, an e-commerce website for the sale of your cosmetic products, or a product brand website, our agency specialized in beauty and aesthetic medicine designs ultra-high quality, responsive websites that take into account your SEO referencing strategy.

E-learning platform

Aesthetic medical sector

Digitalize your training!
The continuing education of doctors? A legal obligation. Based on this observation, the Karma Santé Beauté agency offers fully personalized E-learning platforms. Design, functionality, content, everything is tailor-made. Like streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, our teams have developed solutions that give you the possibility of having a medical E-learning platform that reflects your identity and your image! Live streaming is not consumed, it is experienced! Accessible via the web, or in an application format, doctors and healthcare professionals, or their patient community, will at last be able to enjoy a variety of content: web broadcasts, in season, in series, in health-themed episodes, scientific expert roundtables, patient/doctor talk shows, information on your products, training on the latest techniques in aesthetic medicine, for example.

Between Web TV and E-learning platforms, the health and beauty sector is benefiting from strong growth in demand. The time spent on the Internet has increased 5-fold in 10 years, and behaviors have evolved, so this new digital training eco-system is winning over doctors and patients alike. Access to high-quality training courses, run by doctors for doctors, with easy access to content and replays, is now a key stage in the transformation process. E-learning, E-Academy, E-Masterclass, aesthetic medicine training webinars, Our web TV platforms are fully designed to allow practitioners and healthcare professionals to access comprehensive educational content, anywhere, anytime and in any situation. Karma Santé beauté Communication, in close collaboration with the Laboratoires, is proud to illustrate its capacity for innovation through numerous productions (some of which have been awarded the PRIX INNOVATION MEILLEUR PROJET DIGITAL DE l’ANNEE 2022).


Aesthetic medical sector

Today and increasingly, online solutions and beauty health products are becoming democratized and for good reason: 25% of cosmetic sales are made online. This is THE proof that e-commerce must be part of your business strategy for the sale of your beauty products, cosmetics, medical devices, services and beauty treatments. The Karma Communication Health and Beauty agency masters the art of making your brand shine through by associating it with the perfect technique for online sales.
Enhance your beauty products, create attractive product sheets, design websites according to trends and aesthetic codes, shoot packshots, take beauty shots… These are all missions that we offer you to allow you to offer a stimulating universe and showcase the benefits. Combined with a digital device aimed at implementing visits to your beauty e-commerce site (social media strategy, digital marketing, newsletter…), we guarantee you significant visibility to allow you to register and preempt your market.

Blog, environmental website

Aesthetic medical sector

The environmental website or blog is a good way to provide advice and showcase your beauty expertise. Directly related to your activity, it will allow you, through a richer approach, to position yourself as a pioneer and anticipate the needs and questions of your potential targets. Through case studies and identified issues, provide your answers and prove the effectiveness of techniques, using words, images, and videos. Share your expertise through your social networks and websites to reach your entire target audience and promote your content through native advertising.

The Karma Communication Health and Beauty agency has been experienced in the exercise of environmental websites for over 15 years, working for large international laboratories. From identifying subjects to development, hosting, and maintenance, we manage your project from A to Z in compliance with regulations. Present in Paris, Nice throughout Europe and internationally, Karma Santé Beauté benefits from a network of international experts who can provide you with multilingual services.

Landing page

Aesthetic medical sector

We offer landing pages, as part of an inbound marketing strategy, to encourage action. It’s an essential part of the conversion process, transforming a web user into a potential prospect. The content of our landing pages focuses specifically on the presentation of a medical treatment, a particular health and beauty technique, a medical cosmetic product or a specific health service. The Karma santé beauté agency aims to encourage visitors to get involved by means of a call-to-action (link, form, button).

The visitor of this health and beauty landing page will be able, according to the project, to inform themselves, ‘Download the white paper’ by clicking on a link sent through a newsletter or via social media. An excellent tool for environmental communication on health and aesthetic medicine or beauty topics in medical cosmetics.

Doctor’s website

Aesthetic doctor, dermatologist, plastic surgeon, nutritionist.

Whether it is for your aesthetic medicine practice or your clinic, having a dedicated website is a real asset. It proves your modernity and exponentially increases your visibility. Promote your professional brand, your service offering, and your expertise in health and beauty, and provide direct access to a booking module to facilitate reservations and the journey of your patients.
Enhance it with testimonials to highlight the benefits of your techniques or offer regular newsletters to stay top of mind. The Karma Communication Health Beauty Agency offers you a range of tailor-made services to provide you with dedicated websites for your activities that reflect your image while respecting the rules of the GDPR.

Hosting and maintenance

Aesthetic medical sector

Health data hosting compliance and HDS certification.
Personal health data is particularly sensitive, and its confidentiality is rigorously regulated in all European states through the RGPD as well as by local regulatory requirements.

Strengthened contractual commitments.
We propose specific contractual conditions for the healthcare sector. They include appropriate security measures and commitments regarding availability.

Global compliance for many European countries.
We are committed to complying with regulatory obligations: the RGPD in Europe and the various legislation associated with hosting healthcare data in a number of countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Poland and the UK.

HDS certification for French patients.
The Agence du numérique en santé (ANS) sets out a rigorous framework for health data hosting practices. The HDS certification is also a mandatory requirement.

Ensuring safety and efficiency is our main concern. As digital technology is constantly evolving, it’s vital to ensure that our solutions are regularly updated and meet the latest technological standards. The Karma Communication Santé Beauté teams protect your data in accordance with RGPD rules, update your text content, visuals and website functionalities, carry out regular backups and offer you the best hosting solutions. Thanks to regular reporting, you will be able to track the evolution of your website, its positioning on search engines, as well as the most consulted pages.


Aesthetic medical sector

The health-beauty sector is an area where solicitations are numerous and frequent. Whether you’re introducing a new service or technique, or deploying a communication dedicated to your partners, your KOL physician referrers, or your patients, suppliers or distributors, the newsletter is an excellent communication vehicle for informing, alerting, inviting, building loyalty, or simply maintaining a link with your core audience. Whatever your goal or desired frequency, we adapt your email campaign based on our expertise in the health-beauty sector and our legal knowledge of GDPR.

Take part in an online webinar, share a replay of an aesthetic training course, let people know about your upcoming presence at a congress, get doctors to sign up for a scientific board or symposium, or invite them to a product launch – there are so many reasons to make the newsletter a communication lever in its own right. Produced with the expertise of a health and beauty agency, we know how to combine design, functionality and appropriate editorial content.

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