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KARMA MEDICAL & BEAUTY wins the Empreintes award in the medical education category for ALLERGAN and its Talk Show “THE FUTURE AESTHETIC TREND SHOW”, a major event in the medical sector which deciphers tomorrow’s aesthetic trends. This award is proof that innovative campaigns advance knowledge, have a positive impact on the image of aesthetic medicine, and help to change the world: safety, ethics, #empowerwomenconfidence…
It’s an immense pleasure to be able to build meaningful campaigns alongside passionate, creative, visionary and caring women. Thanks to all the Allergan teams for their vision, their renewed confidence and this wonderful collaboration filled with creativity and a shared passion for the sector. This award is the reward for a creative and strategic conviction shared by an advertiser and its agency.

Karma Medical & Beauty won the Saniss award for best healthcare communications 2023!

Prix Stratégies

Agence Karma wins the Grand Prix Stratégies de la Communication Santé 2022 bronze award in the special health crisis communication category for creativity, responsiveness and agility. The award recognizes the design and creation of the FILLMED E-ACADEMY online TV platform for Fillmed Laboratories.

Communications agency Karma Santé was awarded first prize in the Gold category at the Empreintes ceremony organized by the AACC, which recognizes the best communications agencies of the year.
First prize in the Medical Education category, in recognition of the innovation, audacity and creation of the Fillmed Academy.

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