Go for beauty 2.0 with digital events

In recent years, online events have multiplied. Providing access to your expertise worldwide through innovative formats, leveraging the full potential of digital technology is the guarantee to make a lasting impression. Digital events allow you to regularly meet with your audiences, wherever they are and wherever you are, whenever you want. In the beauty industry, a temple of image, there is no shortage of formats that simply and visually express an idea, promote a product or service.
Whether it’s to talk about your beauty expertise, bring together your employees and prospects, or address the press, Karma Communication Health Beauty offers complete services for webinars, online team building, and digital press conferences.
Événement digital

Webinars & Conférences

Health-Beauty Sector

Sharing a product demonstration of aesthetic medicine, promoting your cosmetic product, exchanging with professionals in your sector or your clients on a particular issue, positioning yourself as an expert… The webinar is a highly consumed format and is now considered a vector for knowledge enrichment. Alone or with others, speak up, share visual and audio content, and start a debate.
From setting up the platform to sending invitations and promoting your webinar, moderating interactions or broadcasting, Karma Communication Health Beauty agency takes care of the technical aspects and your content throughout the project.

Team building

Health-Beauty Sector

Online team building is an innovative way to bring your teams together. Are you an international cosmetic laboratory or a global health and beauty brand? Do you prefer remote work? Tighten the bonds by taking a break in your professional exchanges.
Online team building offers endless possibilities, the only constraints being the availability and motivation of your employees. Animated quizzes, classic TV shows, sports and culinary challenges, beauty tutorials… Karma Santé Beauté takes care of the technical and thematic aspects to provide you with a unifying, enriching and engaging group experience.

Virtual press conferences

Health-Beauty Sector
Invite the press from around the world, amplify your brand and messages through our online press conference formats. Quick to execute and easy to set up, we invite specialized press in health, beauty, fashion, and well-being to make your message the headline of each magazine. Beyond sharing your content, we offer experiential activities to win over the best journalists in the industry. Karma Communication Health Beauty ensures you the best visibility through turnkey solutions, from technical aspects to media training.

e-Detailing & e-Learning

Aesthetic medical sector

Embrace digital efficiency in the health and beauty sector with our e-detailing and e-learning solutions, specially designed for doctors and healthcare professionals. Our services provide an interactive and engaging platform for presenting and educating people about your products and services. With e-detailing, you can benefit from a personalised, flexible approach that enables you to deliver targeted marketing content, increasing the effectiveness of medical visits and information retention. At the same time, our e-learning module transforms traditional training courses into captivating experiences, encouraging the rapid assimilation of knowledge thanks to multimedia learning content and real-time assessment tools. Provide your professionals with accessible, high-quality ongoing training, while optimising interactions with your customers thanks to advanced e-detailing techniques.

Hybrid event

Health-Beauty Sector

The pandemic has encouraged technological projects, particularly in the events sector. We now gather on the occasion of hybrid events by inventing new ways of being present, more in line with the expectations of the public. This ability to organize fluid phygital meetings, which combine in-person and remote participation, is an asset for your organization because not only can it reach a wider audience by inviting and involving more personalities from all over the world, but it also allows for a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of these events.
To combine presence and distance at a phygital event, the experienced professionals at the Karma Santé Beauté communications agency have developed a series of dedicated tools. Congresses, seminars, conferences… Whether you want to develop a webinar to share your expertise in health, beauty and aesthetic medicine, or you want to stream a live video of a particular gesture or speech, we can work with you to develop an experience that is unique, accessible and highly rewarding.

Streaming platform for virtual events

Aesthetic medical sector

Technology now allows for the complete digitization of an event, by exploiting the infinite possibilities offered by virtual platforms. Whether we are talking about interactive video or, in the future, complete immersion thanks to the metaverse, the digitalization of events represents a real opportunity, especially in the field of health, beauty, and aesthetic medicine. The ability to immerse oneself in a virtual 3D world means that we can easily offer mixed content, capable of plunging the audience into the heart of the material, the technical intervention or the medical device.
To allow you to access the potential of these ultra-innovative techniques, the communication agency Karma Santé Beauté has set up a platform entirely dedicated to the virtualization of your events. Planning, broadcasting, promoting, and analyzing your virtual content allows you to offer your participants a unique, immersive, interactive, and very impressive experience, serving your image. Beyond that, these virtual events allow for the collection of valuable data that will accompany your strategic decision-making.

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